Performing Troupe-Natyarpana Dance Company


Laya Kavitai

  The piece opens with an "anjali" in which the dancer pays obeisance to The Supreme Brahman (God),  Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth) & the audience. This is followed by "Laya Kavitai". There is layam (rhythm) in kavitai ( poetry) and poetry in rhythm. The four basic syllables ta, dhi, tom and nam, imparted by

the all-knowing Sadguru (divine teacher) combine to form the nAdabrahmam (primordial sound). When the student has fully imbibed this knowledge, he/she will become one with the cosmic rhythm.


Duration  : 10 mins                                    Concept          : Guru Kaaraikudi Mani, SU Ravi

Ensemble: 1 or 2 dancers                         Choreography : Kripa Baskaran

Language: Tamil                                        Music              : Guru Kaaraikudi Mani, Kalaimamani Embar S. Kannan


Sacred Geometry

A beautiful expression of the mind and the body transcending Space and Time through Bharatanatyam.

Duration   : 20 mins                                   Concept          : Kripa Baskaran
Ensemble : 5 dancers                               Choreography : Kripa Baskaran

Language: English, Sanskrit                     Music              : Ramya Kapadia, Rajiv Sundaresan



Krishna Smaranam

  Through "Madhurashtakam", by the saint poet Vallabhacharya, the dancers celebrate life, revelling in the sheer thought (dhyanam) of Lord Krishna.

Duration   : 20 mins                                   Concept         : Kripa Baskaran

Ensemble : 5 dancers                               Choeography : Kripa Baskaran, Rama Vaidyanathan

Language: Sanskrit                                   Music             : G.S. Rajan, Karaikudi Sivakumar,  

                                                                                               S.V.Balakrishna, J.K.Sridhar


Shuddha Nritta

  A dynamic presentation of pure rhythmic footwork.


Duration  : 10 mins                                    Concept          : Kripa Baskaran

Ensemble: 3 or 5 dancers                         Choreography : Kripa Baskaran

                                                                  Music              : Kalaimamani Embar S. Kannan


Ganga Stuti

  This is an ode to the river Ganga, by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The mighty river, daughter of sage Jahnu and mother of Bheeshma, who flows from the matted locks of Lord Siva, cleanses her devotees of all sin and protects from disease, poverty and death. Like a restless young woman, anxious to meet her lover, Ganga too finds peace when she merges with the ocean. Ganga Stuti is followed by a Thillana, a purely rhythmic sequence.


Duration  : 20 mins                               Concept          : Rama Vaidyanathan

Ensemble: 1 or 2 dancers                    Choreography : Rama Vaidyanathan

Language: Sanskrit                              Music              : G.S. Rajan, Karaikudi Sivakumar



I am Spand

 "Spand" is the sacred tremor that exists within us. It begins with breath and the awareness of inner vibrations. Spand has no unique form or time, but merely manifests in any which way we define it. In fact, Spand is that immovable vibration of "Jiv", the vibration of universal conciousness that is our own conciousness. Through a "Bahar" (outburst) of music and dance, which are mere manifestations of Spand; by calling upon all those elements that comprise the universe, we endeavor to experience the infinite by the finite.


Duration  : 30 mins                                    Concept          : Ramya Kapadia & Hasita Oza

Ensemble: 10 dancers, 10 musicians       Choreography : Ramya Kapadia & Hasita Oza

Language: Multilingual                              Music              : Ramya Kapadia, Rajiv Sundaresan


Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

 There is tension in every nation, a tension caused by religious fanatics. This production is a plea to the people of the world to truly understand that every religion preaches only peace and that there is only one Supreme Being.


Duration  : 13 mins                                    Concept           : Ramya Kapadia

Ensemble: 20 performers                          Choreography : Ramya Kapadia

Language: English                                     Music              : Ramya Kapadia